Sunday , September 26 2021

Biography of Mizanur Rahman Hridoy

Mizanur Rahman Hridoy

Mizanur Rahman Hridoy is a Bangladeshi Freelance Journalist, author, poet, screenwriter, and novelist. As a regular writer, literature is the main focus of his life whatever we may call it his profession.

Mizanur Rahman Hridoy was born in Old Dhaka, Bangladesh.

He studied Social science at Kabi Nazrul Government College.

Since childhood, Mizanur Rahman Hridoy was used to write poems in school daily. Later, It became his passion to express thoughts and depth of realization through the pen, so he started writing.
Eventually, with these, he published his first book in 2018 named KI VUL CHILO AMAR. Then, he started to write the novel and short stories based on real life. In 2020, TOMAR OPEKKHAY published. KI VUL CHILO AMAR is the first book when people recognize him in 2018. In 2021, NISSARTHO OPEKKHA has published which is his third literature.

Besides writing he has an interest in music especially in recitation. He produced lots of musical poems based on his poems and literature. He is working on his new project, a musical film, written and directed by himself.

According to Bangladesh’s largest online bookstore,, he was praised as the Best Seller Writer of the publication of his literature in Amar Ekushey Book Fair 2020, and often titled bestseller author in that year.

Nowadays, His books are also very famous in Kolkata, India.

He regularly writes short stories for the newspaper and literature-based tabloids, magazines in Bangladesh. Mizanur Rahman Hridoy gives a message to his fans, he willingly continues writing his whole life. In a press briefing program of NEWS24, the renowned popular television media of Bangladesh, he said, “I wanna write till my last breath and I hope your best wishes are always with me.

Thanks a lot, NEWS24, The Popular Television Channel for live telecasting my interview about my first poetry in Amar Ekushey Boi Mela 2018.